Nice Neighbours

I invited her for a glass of champagne.

I watched in amazement as she finished her glass in one go. She continued to talk animatedly and I had to smile again about this person.


I silently confessed to myself that I had been wrong about Christine. I thought that unlike Karl, with whom it is no problem to find a topic of conversation, I would be bored with his wife. And then it turned out that Christine was a far more entertaining conversationalist than her husband, so eloquent and so witty!

Yes, I liked Christine!

As a conversationalist, of course, nothing more.

Then the second part began. We took our seats in our box again and Christine chortled merrily as we closed the door behind us and the lights went out.

I followed the action with interest, the actors were also really convincing.

Then I felt a touch on my leg.

I thought Christine had mistakenly touched me with the tip of her foot and paid no further attention.

But the touch happened again.

Suddenly her foot stayed on my calf!

I didn’t know what to make of it — but also remained still and didn’t move out of the way.

And then her foot brushed up and down my calf, even crawling into my trouser leg. I realised that Christine was really starting to turn me on.

I clearly felt that she had taken off her shoe and was stroking me with her bare toes.

Now something was stirring in me too. There was something truly extraordinary about the situation.

I kept at it, and so did the curious foot….

When the play was over and the lights came back on after the applause, Christine was completely normal, as if nothing had happened.

We took the car home again, but now there was no more conversation, even though the play would have given us something to talk about.

The atmosphere in the car was highly electrified.

I noticed myself extending my antennae in Christine’s direction to pick up any movement on her part. But nothing came.

Christine seemed tense too. She only cleared her throat once or twice, but otherwise her talkativeness had died down.

We arrived home and I stopped right in front of the garden entrance to her half of the house, but Christine said, “You can drive right onto your property, you don’t have to stop here.”

So I steered my car onto my property and turned off the engine.

Christine looked at me sheepishly, as if she had something on her mind:

“Can I come to you?” she asked quietly.

I thought I was dreaming.


“Don’t worry about Karl, that’s all right,” she opened up to me.

I stared at her, stunned.

How could that be all right?!?

“So you want to take me up with you? You really don’t have to think about my husband right now!”

Of course I was thinking about him!

How could I ever sit with him in peace over a beer again if I cuckolded him now with his wife?

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