My open minded sister part 1

Sex stories, Incest, family taboo, his is my first real sex story and my experience too. I am Rahul and my sister Revathi. In our family we are four, me, sister, mom and dad. Dad and mom are very busy with there works and jobs, both are doing jobs.

My mom given birth to me and nourished at childhood.


After that onwards all take care by my sister revathi. We are typical upper middle class family. We have two bed room house. One bedroom used by mom and dad and another bedroom used by me and my sister.

From childhood onwards my sister use to take care about me in all the aspects including food feeding, playing and bathing and all.

The gap between me and my sister is 8 years. The first time I felt something at the time of my sister puberty function.

Because after my sister came to puberty all use to tell that she will stay away from me, she has to sleep in separate bed, she need to use another toilet and other room.

My mother and father are started searching 3 bedroom flat also. That is the first time I saw my sister how open minded she is…

One day evening she started talking with my mom in kitchen, they didn’t notice me that I am listening there words, after this discussion my mom might shared this to my dad…

Mom: reva we are planning to leave this house and go for 3 bedroom flat.

Sis: why mom hear we are comfortable only right.

Mom: yes but now you also grown-up and you need privacy right , for that we are planning.

Sis: I am comfortable right now mom with our private room.

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Mom: yes of coerce, but your brother also there and you both are using same room and bathroom too, from this month onwards you will get menstrual every month, due to that we are thinking.

Sis: so what mom, I am ok with rahul, he is the best person that who can understand me very well, and what is in that, if I need privacy I will ask him directly and he will cooperate

Mom: but..

Sis: and he can’t able to stay lonely in single room without me, he will get bad dreams and he will get fear at nights if I am not there with him.

Sis: I will not leave him lonely.

Mom: but your body changes will start and you.

Sis: what is there mom, we use to bath nude from childhood onwards, that might not be any problem.

Mom: if rahul saw you when your growing.

Sis: what is there mom, no problem, I will make sure that he will not go to any wrong thoughts.

Mom: ok rev your wish if you are comfortable and adjust it’s ok for us,

I heard all this discussion and some words are in my mind that she taking care of me very much.

After few months I observer some changes coming in her body, initially she use to come with towel without covering top, only covering bottom, but now a days I saw she is coming from bathroom with towel and covering top position also.

After few days one fine day she took bath and came to room and I am playing video game, and she asked me to leave the room for changing cloths. I listened and went out. Like that 4-5 days she asked me to leave and left the room for a while.

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After a week mom and sister again talking each other.

Sis: mom I am getting itching at my breasts.

Mom: this is common at this age, because your breasts are growing so it is common.

Sis: ok, how to control.

Mom: just apply milk or ghee before you going to sleep,

That night my sister bathed and came out and didn’t asked me to leave the room, that time I am playing game in computer.

After 1 min, I suddenly turned back and suppose to ask “Sister can I leave” but I didn’t asked her, because she is applying milk and ghee for her breasts by sitting in bed. I asked suddenly “Sister” what is that.

Sister got shocked with my sudden voice and she told “Ahhhh rahul .. Offff .. I thought you are busy with game, you scared me…” then she told that to me “She is getting itch at her breasts” due to that she is applying milk and ghee.

I saw that time her breasts are started to grow, nipple becoming little dark, amall amount of hairs at middle of her breasts.

Ohh I forget that my sister color is milk white, and her nipples are pinkish brown, and medium size areola with color pinkish red. And perfect height and weight, slim and fit body.

Next onwards she is not asking me to leave the room when she changing her dress, me too I run nude after my bathing and get ready at room only. Some time she use to put hand for wiping the water drops at my body.

That next year she become perfect women with full of grown breasts and puberty hair at down, that time my puberty hair is started growing. Her puberty hair looks very dark on her body, because she is milky white.

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In-between mom is giving some warnings about nudity, but my sister didn’t consider and care about that. My sister only taking care of my things. She use to change her cloths in-front of me. She never locked the bathroom door, I also didn’t disturb her while bathing.

But that is the first time, I came from play ground and forced to pee, but my sister is there in the bathroom, I asked her that I need to pee urgent, how much time need her to come out. She replied that “She is doing head bath” it will take time and “I can come to bathroom and finish my pee”, I tried to control for 5 min but not at all possible after that a single second. Then suddenly I went near to door and given warning to my sister and went inside.

I directly opened my zip and removed my cock and started peeing, after continuously 3 min pee, then I saw my sister… She is fully nude and rubbing her head.

Suddenly she felt form in her eye and shouting in pain, then she asked me to pore water on her to rinse her eyes, I took a mug and pored water on her and admiring her beauty as well.

Finally she felt bit relax and completed her bathing. After that many incidents happened and continuously happening.

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