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I had a friend who lives across from my house. We use to play together when we kids we use to do dumb shit like drinking at 15-16 sometimes we use to tease girls on our street where we use to live but as I was in boarding school I use to chill with him

Taking Bestfriend’s cousin from Airport to bed and later share him.

Hey , this is Rahul with another story of mine . Hope you would like it. The main characters of this story are – Ishita – The heroine of the story and the only single( not in any relationship) girl. She had a cute face with a body to die for with her big tits

Dirty Old Man at the Cinema

Being the only child of the family has its perks, your parents always listened to you and had more freedom compared to most others with siblings, I was one of those privileged. Growing up I had lots of friends and they always envied the privileges. It could be going to the movies or staying late

Pelli Lo Kalisina Ammayi Tho

Hai reader, naa peru venky, age 26. Eee katha naa life lo jarigina second sex anubhavam. Eee kathalo nenu oka pelli lo kalisina ammayi tho ela sex cheseno meku epudu cheptanu. Friends naa last story ki chala takkuva response vachidi. Kabatti ekkuva response kosam try cheddam ani naa next story rastunna. Response bagunte naa aa

Bava Tho Maradalu Pelliki Munde

Hi ela unnaru friends, bagunnara nenu mee venky ni. Naa stories chadivi nannu encourage chesi nanduku thanks. Nenu eppudu rastunna story oka book lo chadivina story. Its not real. Dayachesi sahakarinchandi. Ee katha lo oka bava tana maradal ni ela dengado meku ee story lo cheptanu. Indulo bava character ni nannu gaa oohinchukuni rastunna. Nako

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I’m 26 male from Hyderabad online lo ammailani vethukuthu dorkina vala pooku guda pagaladenguthu untanu read my previous stories also hyderabad lanjalu evarkana secret ga dengichkune intrest unte TXT me lockdown mundu chala mandini denganu.kondaru money ivaleka just room book chese valu.kondaru guda pagaladengi satisfy chesinandku pay chesevalu lockdown tarvata andaru illalone undadam.hostel ammailu andaru

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Episode : 8 *********** The two friends of Goutam watched the famous mature Tolly Queen Gargi Roychowdhury’s milk-white jiggling boobs and fat ass with rapt attention, as she cleaned her husband’s fingers one by one. She then lay down on the bed on her stomach….. sticking up her 38-inch ass in the air. She was

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Hello guys this is Daniel I’m 22 years old. This is the story goes I fuck my sleeping sister. Ok let’s go to the story. My English is average so please adjust it and read it. First I tell about my sister. Her name is Stella she is 19 years old she good looking girl

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I’m pretty sure that it is okay to post my first experience here on s4s now since I’m 19. As a young girl I was always looking for ways to please my mom and dad, they have always been the greatest people in the world. My mom is a nurse and my dad is a