Poker Group Invites New Couple into Swinging

I arrived at school just prior to the opening bell signaling the start of my first class. Susan, Principal Logan, as usual, was at the door greeting faculty, staff, and students. They made eye contact and Julie simply shook her head side to side and went to her classroom. However, when she opened her computer, she saw among her emails one from TommyLilD. She opened it and read what Tommy had sent her on Saturday.

My Dearest Julie,


I love you very much and needed some time to reflect on our marriage and what you have done to jeopardize my love for you. I want to have a face-to-face talk with you and you alone on Tuesday, August 4th at our house at 7:00 p.m.

We will discuss what has transpired and what might happen on choices we make.


At lunch, I told Susan and Brenda about the email. Having heard from him and when he wrote that he loved me I felt much better today about my chances and my future with Tommy.


While Julie was at work, I drove the Ford Escape to my house and placed one of the transmitters under the dining table. I had tested it at Jason’s, the range was good, and the clarity was exceptional. The mic is so sensitive it picked up Jason’s footsteps on his hardwood floors and I recorded his voice several feet away from the transmitter.


After I arrived home, I found Ken in his office working. “Ken, Tommy sent an email to Julie and told her he wanted to talk to her Tuesday night in person.” Ken just waved his hand at his wife as he was in the middle of an important proposal. When he finished his work Ken recalled what Susan had told him earlier. I decided I better call Mark. “Hey Mark, Ken here. I wondered if you’re busy Tuesday evening from 6-9pm?”

“I work the first watch Tuesday and I can make it.” I told him to meet me at our house a little before six before I hung up.


I believed that something was rotten in Denmark so I enlisted Jason’s help yet again. I picked him up at a nearby Walmart parking lot. Jason had left work early with Jeff’s approval and drove his truck to Wal-Mart to meet me. By 5pm we were sitting about a block away from my former home. Julie’s car was parked in the drive at their residence. It was about an hour later when they saw three people walk out of the Logan’s house. I told Jason that the slimmer male was Deputy Collins aka “Deputy Dawg”, and the other male was Ken Logan. The female was his wife, Susan Logan. They walked to my former home and Julie let them in.

Listening on the receiver, we heard a conversation from the group where Ken told Julie, “Julie, talk with him and get him to talk with me. I’ll make him understand what you want and need. Mark and I are going to hide and we’ll only come out if he intended to be violent instead of having a civil conversation. Julie said, “Tommy would never do that! He had never even raised his voice with me little lone his fist!”

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