Poker Group Invites New Couple into Swinging


“Oh shit! Thanks Ken.” He said out loud as he pounded on the steering wheel. I watched Mark as he drove off, as I sat with a huge grin on my face in the Escape with the digital camera and zoom lens having snapped photos of the entire encounter. I just knew the photos would come in handy as I drove back to Jason’s.


Austin Miller just finished doing a background check on Tommy Edwards. He called Ken to brief him on what he discovered. “I’m found nothing on the web on Thomas Edwards or Tommy Edwards and I used every search engine that I have. Wikipedia lists that name as an English Clergyman from the 1600’s. He has no email account or Facebook account or any type of social media presence or networking profile. I have asked Brenda to check with Julie and ask her if he has a filing cabinet at home with personal papers that we might look at.” Austin sounded exasperated.

Then he texted Brenda and left her a message. He asked her to inquire about any personal papers that Julie may know about. He told Brenda he was interested in financial statements, family history, military service, or anything that might reveal something about his past. If she asked why, tell her we are trying to find Tommy for her.

Julie, Susan, and Brenda as usual, sat together in the teacher’s lounge and enjoyed their lunch and a break from the bedlam and chaos of the classroom. Brenda checked her text messages and asked Julie if Tommy had an office or a filing cabinet at their house. Julie said, “We’ve got a filing cabinet in the spare bedroom. Why?”

Brenda told Julie that, “Austin and the guys were trying to help her find Tommy and that there may be useful information in the filing cabinet. Julie said that she would look after school.

After the lunch break, Brenda and Julie returned to the classrooms and Susan went to her office. She was met by her secretary with a piece of paper with a phone number written on it and the word urgent underlined. Susan sat at her desk and looked at the phone number. She didn’t recognize it, but she returned the call. Tommy picked up on the first ring and said, “Hi Susan, this is Tommy, and it is an urgent call. Please do not hang up.” Susan was somewhat relieved and thought this might be the break they had looked for.

“Are you all right Tommy? Julie is worried sick about you. She loves you so much and is so sorry that you have left.”

Tommy was a bit flummoxed as he replied, “You know, I tried to talk to my wife but didn’t get a chance to talk to her Tuesday because SOMEONE or group of someone’s interfered again in our lives.”

“I am sorry about that too Tommy!” Susan at least sounded genuine in her apology.

“Susan, please listen for a second. I want to meet with just you, alone. No Julie. No Ken. No Mark. No one nearby or listening in, just you. Don’t even tell anyone about it until after the fact. I have some questions that must be answered and I think you can help me with on how to approach Julie and try and resolve this mess. If see or suspect anyone nearby or listening in and its over between me and Julie, got it?”

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