Poker Group Invites New Couple into Swinging

Austin passed around the packet of blank papers and the typewritten letter that he had received from Brenda earlier. Ken looked it over and asked Mark about the investigation Tommy mentioned. Mark told the group that he stopped by the construction site and met the foreman who gave him an envelope with a letter to him in it. He passed that letter around as well. After the letters are passed around, Ken conceded that Tommy may have more on the ball than he has given him credit for.

Mark said, “Tommy is two to three steps ahead of us at every turn. I’m not certain that we shouldn’t all be a little scared of him at this point. He mentioned revenge in the letter to Austin.”


They all agreed that Tommy was a lot more intelligent than they had given him credit for and they also agreed to be vigilant and to warn their wives that Tommy may be capable of doing something to any or all of them. It was a somber and humbled group that got up and headed home. Ken reminded them of the barbecue and party in one week.

It has been ten days since that fateful Poker Party and the revelation that my wife has screwed up our marriage. Four days after I left, I had attempted to talk to her in person and that did not go well. There was no conversation, just a large pizza along with a letter. I missed her terribly. She was and is the love of my life. For being so intelligent, she is very naïve about things and has a strong submissive personality. I’m betting that’s how Ken was able to get her to do some things for him. I wondered what she is wanted out of this whole mess that we find ourselves in. I decided it’s time to talk to her. I spoofed my old cell number, activated the recorder on my phone and called Julie.

Julie answered on the second ring. “Tommy! Is it really you? I love you so much and I miss you! Baby we need to talk!” I seemed good to hear her voice again. I told her,

“We do need to talk Julie. Are you alone?”

“I am baby, I miss you so much! I need you. When are you coming home?” I sensed excitement and anticipation in her voice. I told her,

“I’m not sure Julie. Let me ask you a question.”

“Anything baby, I love you so much.”

“You keep saying that but here is the question. Why?”

“Why what baby? I don’t understand.” It’s unfathomable that she could be that dense.

“Well, let me be more specific. “Why did you fuck Ken Logan? Why did you lick Susan Logan’s pussy? Why did you fuck Michael Johnson or Mark Collins or any of them? WHY?”

“Oh, baby I did it for you! To make our sex life even better than it was. Susan and Brenda said that by sharing, we’d get closer, and our sex lives would be so much better.”

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