Poker Group Invites New Couple into Swinging

“Fortunately for all of you, all is not lost. At least, if my instructions are followed and demands are met. Know this, one person reneges, hell is forced upon all of you. It behooves you to keep each other in line. One, Julie and I get all the DVDs of her being sexually assaulted. I say assault because she was coerced so let’s get past the semantics. If any photo or video ever surfaces into the light of day or the sleazy underbelly of the web, I go nuclear on all of you. These packets are just the beginning. I’ll destroy you in ways you can’t comprehend. Susan, consider this as Julie tendered her resignation from your school. She’ll receive a glowing recommendation as to secure future employment. The house is sold. If you ever see us, ignore us.” I enjoyed seeing the shocked and pained expressions on their pathetic faces.

“Austin, how many DVDs are there?”


He replied, “Each couple has one.”

“Do you understand that the original and anything you have on a computer, server, the cloud, cell phone or anything storage device gets deleted and destroyed?” All heads are nodding up and down.

“Do the wives know where the DVDs are at your respective houses?” Heads nodding again. “Please go and retrieve them.”

The three wives ran out the door and Susan went upstairs and came back with their copy. She gave it to me and went and stood behind her husband. In a matter of minutes, the others returned with the DVD’s and gave them to me.

“Does anyone have any questions?” I asked but didn’t really expect any.

I was surprised when Mark immediately spoke, and he said that, Tommy, on behalf of myself and Mary, I apologize, especially for the way Ken treated you.” Once he finished, he had the courtesy to bow his head in shame.

“Apology accepted.”

Austin was next, he said, “Tommy, that goes for us as well, I’m truly sorry to both you and Julie for our role in damaging your marriage.”

“Again, apology accepted.”

Michael told me, “Tommy, we’re embarrassed beyond belief at what has taken place and we too are tremendously sorry for what has happened. We wanted you two to be part of our very special group. We should’ve never listened to Ken.”

I told him, “Your apology is also accepted but I’m going to tell you that not everyone wanted me a part of the group. Ken, you are a giant prick, and I don’t mean that as a compliment to your genitals. So, you can see each of your wives has a key to your chastity device. Your very own cock cage. Three padlocks for three similar cages and then there’s yours Ken. His big ole prick had to have a special cage with a special lock. If somehow your keys got lost, you could probably use a bolt cutter to get the locks off.

I looked Ken right in the eyes as I informed him and the rest that, “Ken’s cage is different, there’s no padlock attached to his. There is a keyed cylinder that slides into place on his steel cage.” I reached into my pocket and removed a small tube of superglue.

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