Poker Group Invites New Couple into Swinging

Ken again spoke and said, “Well? You certainly are not saying anything, and you have on a great poker face; I’m not getting any read here at all.”

“I think I need to take my bride home and discuss this as a family decision. May I please have the DVD so we can enjoy it as we talk?” I asked with a cordiality I didn’t really feel.


Ken looked at me as if he were trying to anticipate where I was going with the statement about a family decision. He handed me the DVD in a paper sleeve and as he did, he spoke in a low voice stating, “part” of your family has already made the decision and there are more copies of the DVD.”

I smiled at him and thanked him for his “hospitality”. I then thanked everyone for making my wife and I feel such at home in the neighborhood. The words dripped with foulness as I nearly choked on them. I stepped up to the area where Julie was standing. I took her hand in mine and said, “Let’s go home.” We walked the short distance to our home without saying anything to each other. Her left hand was intertwined with my right hand. I held the DVD in my left hand at my side.

When we got to our house, I opened the front door for her and walked in behind her closing and locking the door. I asked her when these events had taken place and she said that the intercourse had taken place on the previous four Thursdays. I said, “You mean when you fucked around on me, right?” She just nodded. I asked her if I had been treated to sloppy seconds on those nights and she said that I had and that it had been Michael’s idea. She asked me if I was angry and I looked her in the eyes and sarcastically said, “What would I be angry about?” She hugged me tightly and she said that she loved me. I said, “Let’s go to bed.” She tried talking to me and I told her to go to sleep. I had some serious thinking to do. She asked me if I still loved her, and I told her that I did. However, I knew that I didn’t particularly like her this moment.

After she fell asleep, I crept out of bed, grabbed my laptop, her cell phone, and some cords from my office desk, and went to work. Thursday night had faded into Friday morning as I worked in the near darkness on faintly illuminated by the glow of the computer screen. By 4:00 a.m. I finished copying the DVD to my laptop. Her contacts, her email, and her photos from her cell phone were also copied to my laptop. I also copied all my contacts and photos from my phone and then deleted everything but her cell number and my work cell number. I removed the memory card from my phone, and I put her phone back on her charger.

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