Primal Kiddie Lust

“Two ninety-eight. Two ninety-nine. Aaaand that’s it. Three damn hundo. How the hell do you do it?”
Joel shook his head in awe as he tossed a towel at the figure suspended in midair.

Malcolm took one hand off the pull-up bar and caught it deftly, dropping to the ground and dabbing at his shining torso.
“Good food. Good sleep. I normally wouldn’t push myself this hard, but Giselle said she’s got a surprise for me tonight. No idea what she’s on about, but I need to get a good pump going. Just in case she’s invited one of her friends into bed with us again.”


“Wouldn’t put it past her. You picked up a feisty one, you did,” said Joel, as they headed out into the chilly winter evening.

As he drove through the deserted streets, Malcolm found himself subconsciously gripping his cock with his left hand as he imagined ramming it into his naughty girlfriend. He doubted she’d let him stick it in right away though, kinky slut that she was.
Why, the last time they’d been together, she’d shoved his balls into her asshole and twisted around his cock to rub on her clit to orgasm. And the time before that, with the full body splits and that lucky lucky bedpost of hers shoved up her…

Malcolm shook himself out of his reverie as he drew up outside Giselle’s house.
“Good thing her parents are out this weekend,” he thought. “Atleast she can scream as loud as she wants in here.”

The door opened and a small figure jumped out and into Malcolm’s arms.
“Hiiii baby, I missed you sooo much this week. Oh my, someone smells fucking sexy. Did you just finish working out?”
Malcolm squeezed her against him and kissed her hungrily, his left palm gently cupping her groin.
“Mmmm just let me get in and take a quick shower. I can’t wait to fuck your little brains out, cupcake.”

Giselle gasped in mock outrage. “Oh my! How could you use such vulgar language around young innocent children! Have you no shame, sir?” she whispered, gesturing inside the house.
Confused, Malcolm stepped inside and saw two young girls staring at him open-mouthed from the sofa. He was momentarily stunned as Giselle closed the door behind him and dived into the kitchen, bringing out a little baby boy in her arms from the kitchen, both of them giggling.

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“My uncle and aunt are away with Mom and Dad this week, so I’m babysitting their little angels! Aren’t they adooorable, darling?” she laughed, kissing the little boy on the cheek.
Malcolm instantly felt his semi go soft. He couldn’t believe she was going to leave him blue-balled after all that hype. There was no way he was waiting until bedtime, he was in half a mind to grab her, take her into the kitchen and have his way with her a couple of times to keep his horniness at bay.

But then – then the two girls stepped out from behind the sofa. They couldn’t have been older than 9 or 10, and they were pretty cute, but that wasn’t what caught Malcolm’s attention. Both of them were wearing T-shirts, but from waist down – nothing.

“This is Sarah,” said Giselle, gesturing towards the older one, “and this is her sister Penny. Say hi, girls, this is big brother Malcolm!”

“Hiii, Malcolm. Is that chocolate?” asked Penny, immediately noticing the half-eaten energy bar Malcolm’d kept in his pocket for his workout.
Without warning, she stretched out her soft little hand and grasped the bar through his pocket, pushing her other one into it trying to get it out. As she struggled, her fingers wandered around aimlessly, and Malcolm found, to his horror, that his cock was resting angled to the same side as those prodding fingers.

“One more chocolate! One more chocolate!” yelled Sarah, reaching out and firmly grabbing his, unbelievably, semi-erect penis.
Malcolm jumped back in shock, hurriedly turning away. He yoinked the bar out of his pocket and gave it to the girls, muttered something about taking a shower, and sped away.
As he passed, he glancing at Giselle’s face to see if she’d noticed. Was that a slight smile on her face?

He ducked into the bathroom quickly, his erection thankfully fading. One warm shower later, he stepped out into the bedroom, having convinced himself that he could control himself this time.

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Giselle was waiting for him on the bed, a naughty smile on her face.
“I want to show you something so cuuute, baby. Come see this.”

She motioned for him to come closer. On her other side lay the little boy, contentedly sucking on her thumb. She bent and pulled down his pants in one swift motion, exposing his tiny little penis and small ball sack, his baby testicles barely visible in it.

“Soft” she said.

Malcolm was strangely relieved. She must have noticed what happened with the girls, and now she’s trying to get me hard again to out me. But this is fine, I don’t get hard to little boys, of course.

She smiled as if she could read his thoughts and then slowly, deliberately, bent down and sucked the little boy’s penis and testicles into her warm mouth. Malcolm felt his heart lurch as he understood how unbelievable erotic it was to see her soft pink lips around that little boy’s genitals.

Giselle closed her eyes, still sucking on the little pecker, her mouth around the baby boy’s groin and placed her hands around his tiny butt, squeezing them gently and pushing him deeper into her sucking mouth.
The baby boy giggled, vaguely aware of the sensations on his baby genitals as Giselle gently let them drop out of her mouth. Strands of saliva connected her thick lips to his baby pecker. And it was fucking stiff. She’d given a three year old a boner.

“Hard,” she whispered, lacing her tongue on the baby penis shaft.
“Hard,” she crooned again, looking towards Malcolm and gently touching his crotch with her toes.

And my, was he hard. His cock was standing at rock fucking attention, the hardest he’d ever been in his life. In the 30 seconds that it had taken her to perform the incredibly lecherous act of giving a child a blowjob, Malcolm’s penis had gone from 0 to a 100 and leaked a good amount of precum into the towel he had wrapped around him. He was incredibly glad that the little girls couldn’t see the huge tent that he’d sprouted, because there would have been no way of getting out of answering that.

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But worse than that, he realized with a sinking feeling that she knew. She knew what he liked, she knew what dirty fantasies he had, what perverted twisted things he liked to watch. How on Earth had she found out?

“I saw what happened with those little girls out there, baaaaby. My, did you get hard for them too. Did their adorable underage child pussies get you hard, hmm? Did you want to stick your hard shaft between their tender baby thighs? D’you know, darling, she’s eight years old. Eight. And that’s Sarah.”

She came closer and softly kissed the tip of Malcolm’s erection through the fabric.
“How – how old is Penny?”
“Six,” she whispered, and they both felt his cock twitch undeniably.
“She’s six, Malcolm. Does the thought of violating a child excite you?”

“Says the slut who just sucked off a three-year old.”
She kissed him softly. “It excites me. I just wanted to know if it excites you.”

“Are you -“?
“Mmm hmm…. why didn’t you tell me you liked this stuff before? I’ve always liked playing with little boys myself. Makes babysitting a whole lot more enjoyable.”

“I didn’t know how you would take it if I’d told you. How did you find out, by the way?”
“I found a few um.. unusual pictures when you told me to copy over our holiday photos from your laptop.”

She broke apart from him and laughed, pulling up the little boy’s pants again.
“To be fair, having an folder called ‘Recipes’ as a guy who doesn’t cook is enough to rouse anyone’s curiousity.”

Ahh, careless, careless. But at least she hadn’t found the rest. That would have been much worse.

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