Servant is for Mom and Mom is for Son – Part-2

I was shocked hearing my mom’s words of who she was taking about. Shera was our dog or he might be any other person.

Ramu Kaka: Yes madam we should be thankful to him, because of him I am able fuck you today and since then. But madam you never told me how does it feel to be fucked by a dog, does it feel good, but the dogs release there sperm in sometime only.


Mom: Ohhhhhhh you will make me cum, Yes it feels good to be fucked by a doggy they are spent in short time but dog fucks at speed and knowing that I am being fucked by a dog make me cum early too. Now get that fucking dick in my pussy and fuck me hard just as you meant to be serving your mistress show me the power of medicine you took.

Ramu kaka stood up and started rubbing his dick on mom’s wet pussy l and slowly inserted his dick making her moan soon his dick was fully inside mom’s pussy. They both kissed each other and started fucking again, they fucked in that position for few minutes and he pulled his dick out of mom’s pussy and they changed the position. Mom turned away showing her ass to Ramu kaka and bent down punishing her ass in aur to servant, he hold the dick his hand and mom’s pussy and suddenly pushed his full dick in mom’s pussy.

Ramu kaka: Aaaahhh madam does this remind you of shera, can I call you darling while fucking.

He pulled her hair just like riding a horse slapping her ass cheeks. With every stroke of his dick mom would moan.

Mom: AAAHHHH yeaaahahh what has gotten into you today you never do like this, you are so wild today. You can call me anything you like my dear.

Ramu Khan: ahhh thank you my darling madam, now I will give you the pleasure which you have wanted slut.

He was fucking her at speed pulling her hairs shaking her ass, pressing her boobs. She to was speaking dirty while being fucked by our servant, they both were in the ocean of pleasure.

Mom: Ohhhh you bastard fucking your master’s wife in there bathroom, you have just fucked me before my son came from college. You fuck me when no one is at home, you tell me not to wear any bra just to make you horny. You touch my boobs and pussy while working in kitchen when my husband are in the house. You lick my pussy and suck my boobs you bastard.

Ramu Kaka: And you slutty bitch you stroke my dick and sometimes you suck my dick in kitchen when everyone is at home. Ahhhhhhh yeaaahahh you will make me cum you bitch where do you want my cum.

Mom: Ahhhh yeaaahahh like that ahhhh ohhhh it’s sooo gooodd, it feels so godd talking dirty to you while fucking, you are gonna make me cum too.. aahahahah yeaahahah just like that. Cum on my ass yeaaahahh like that ohhh fuck.

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