Servant is for Mom and Mom is for Son – Part-2

Ramu Kaka pumps few strokes and pulls his dick out and cums on mom’s ass making sure to cover both her ass cheeks.

Ramu Kaka: Ahhhh oohhh yeahhhh it really feels wonderful speaking dirty.


They both were exhausted then mom opened the shower and they both took the shower, smooched for sometime before finishing the shower.
Soon they were out and got dressed and returned to kitchen for completing the work and between they would have foreplay and speak about there fucking session. Ramu kaka asked mom not to wear any bra and panty so that they could have quickie if they get a chance. I left from the top and went to my friend’s house returning in the evening.

Mom was looking happy and fresh, I greeted her and asked her how is Ramu kaka doing, is he doing good work. Mom was not having any dupatta over her breast making her cleavage visible and her nipples were hard & poking out of her dress. I was clearly able to trace her nipples in her dress. She just walked by my side making her boobs to jiggle with joy.

Mom: Yes my dear son he is doing great.
Winking at Ramu kaka with pleasure and naughty smile.

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