Showing my penis to my mother

Incest, mom and son, Showing my penis to my mother..I’m 19 and still living at home. I graduated last spring from High School and don’t really have any plans. I might start taking some classes to get my Dad off my back, but besides that, I don’t have much else going on. I guess I just have too much time on my hands because about a month ago I started having real strange thoughts about my mother. Maybe I should introduce myself, hi, my name is Josh, and I want to be a motherfucker.

It wasn’t always like this, I think I grew up in a relatively normal household. Mom, Dad, and little sister. I ran track in High School, and I still like to run, so I’m in good shape. I’m six foot tall, average build, brownish blonde hair with brown eyes. Pretty average I guess. I’ve had a couple of girlfriends, the last one left for college after graduation, we broke up. I hear she has already hooked up, up there. She never let me get in her pants and we dated our entire Senior year. My Dad works for the DOT doing road construction. He gives me a pretty hard time about not having a job and not going to college. Maybe he is giving me some kind of inferiority complex, because I had been starting to doubt myself. My mother is in her mid 40’s and attractive in the soft, rounded, Milf sort of way. She about 5’6″ and probably around 140 pounds. She has a big bust, but not artificially like the porn girls, nature gave her breasts after having me and my sister. She has blonde hair that falls to about her shoulder with bangs. And she has Blue eyes, that when I really stare at them are beautiful, but she hides them behind her glasses.


So about a month ago, Dad was at work, my sister was at school and I was at home up in my room. Mom was downstairs in the living room, folding clothes. I was super horny and the thought of another round of porn and jacking wasn’t doing anything for me. Then I started having real strange feelings and even sensations about going downstairs and having my Mom look at my dick. Weird, right? I just really wanted to show her my cock and have her kind of validate it, and validate me as a man. My Dad was always going on about how I wasn’t a man because I hadn’t moved out and gotten a job. Well, with all due respect, Fuck you. So I really wanted my Mom to see my dick and to know that I wasn’t a little boy any more.

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Well, there was something in the air, maybe pheromones or whatever, but I actually decided I was going to do this thing. I was going to walk downstairs and show her my cock. I know I have a pretty big dick, for one thing, I think I compare pretty well to the dudes on the internet. And although technically I’m still a virgin, My last girlfriend would jerk me off in the car sometimes, something she had done with her previous boyfriends, and she had said that my dick was the biggest that she had held. I measured it not too long ago with my mom’s vinyl measuring tape: from base to tip I was a little over 8 inches long, above average, so they say, and then I measured it around and I was over 7 inches in girth.

I could care a less what the little skank I dated last year thought, she was jacking some college guy now, no doubt. But I wanted my Mom to my dick, really bad.

In porn terms, I’m a grower not a shower, so my cock when completely flaccid is about half the size of it when it’s erect. I started getting a little excited about the thought of going downstairs and showing my dick to my Mom, and I started getting a chubby.

I quickly thought of an excuse. My Mom had a little bit of a medical background, she had worked in a doctor’s office, so I thought I would approach her, asking if she thought that I had a healthy penis. That I was worried about my dick because my exgirlfriend said it was too big. Stupid I know, but I thought it was good enough to go on, so that I could have an excuse to pull my pants down in front of Mom.

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I took off my shirt, and walked downstairs in my boxers and shorts with a chubby. Mom was sitting on the couch half watching TV and half folding clothes. She didn’t notice me coming down the stairs and into the living room.

“Mom, can I show you something?”

I think I startled her, she jumped a little and then smiled, “What’s up honey?” If she only knew.

“Well, I want your opinion on something, you remember Allison, right?

“Sure, she’s at State now, right?”

“Yeah, that’s what she said at least. Well, this is kind of embarrassing Mom, but when we were dating, she kind of acted like there was something wrong with me, you know down there.” I pointed towards my crotch.

Mom raised an eyebrow. “I seriously doubt there is anything wrong with my little boy down there,”she motioned to my cock, “or anywhere else. I never liked that girl anyways, and she obviously doesn’t know a jewel when she sees one,” Mom said.

“Thanks Mom, it’s just, I don’t know, now I’m worried. Here will you take a look?” And with that I dropped trouser.

I grabbed my shorts and boxers at the hips and pulled down, and my semi hard member sprang out. I immediately grabbed put both hands over my crotch and kind of cupped the head of my heavy penis.

“Oh my!” Mom exclaimed. I immediately began babbling, to try to smooth over the awkwardness.

“She said it was too big, especially too big around Mom. She said that no girl was going to want something this big inside of her.” I then looked at Mom with doeful eyes. She was staring at my gland, or what she could see of it. I still had both hands down and cupping myself, put there was plenty of shaft that was visible.

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It looked like Mom gulped a little big. “I’m sure there is nothing wrong with your penis, Josh.”

“Are you sure Mom?” I said, and I kind of rotated it around, still cupping the head. With all of this excitement my cock was beginning to fill out.

“I’m sure, honey, you are a beautiful and healthy young man, and any girl should be happy to have you as a boyfriend.”

I took a step closer to her, we were about 2 feet apart now. And since she was sitting on the couch, her head was perfectly act crotch level.

I slid my hands from the head of my penis down to the base, supporting it a little bit so that it was pointing at Mom. It still wasn’t fully erect. When I get hard, you could use my cock as a fucking diving board.

“Oh my God!” Mom let out when she got a a full look at my growing cock.

“Well is it too big Mom?”

She shook her head and then reached out with both hand and gently put both hands on my dick and lifted it up a to inspect it.

“It’s wonderful Josh, it’s simply the biggest and most beautiful penis I’ve ever seen.”

That got me rock hard. I was now at full erection, All 8 inches plus 7 inches of girth.

Mom tried to wrap one of her hands completely around my shaft, but her fingers couldn’t touch, she inspected my cock and giggled when she noticed her hand wouldn’t go all the way around it.

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