The housewife had intercourse when her husband was drunk

Ghazal was staring at Dawood’s cock. Ghazal was thinking that this cruel cock has disfigured her innocent pussy and now how she has become a stranger. Ghazal grabbed Dawood’s loose cock in her hand and started shaking it.
Dawood opened his eyes. He started looking at the ghazal. The ghazal seemed so innocent and lovely to him. Dawood kissed the soft lips of the ghazal. Ghazal also opened her lips for Dawood’s lips.
Dawood “Ghazal Baji, you are very sweet. I have really fallen in love with you.”
ghazal۔ “Dawood, I love you too.”
Dawood “My cock is crazy about your pussy. he has never had such a tight and juicy pussy.”
ghazal۔ “That’s why you tore my vagina apart.”
David “How did your feel about my cock?” ghazal۔ “totally wild and hungry. Destroyer of the pussy. Tear my pussy and make it useless for my husband.”
Dawood “Ghazal, your pussy is now the size of my cock. It is of no use except me.” Ghazal clung to Dawood’s body and said shyly, “so what to do?”
Dawood said turning to the ghazal. “So come with me now.”
Ghazal said laughing. “You’re going to fuck me all the time. You’re not going to let me do anything, you’re not going to let me sleep.”
David spoke seriously. “I’m not kidding.”
Seeing the seriousness of Dawood, she became serious. “dawood, But I’m married.”
Dawood “Ghazal baji. Leave such an unfaithful husband who, despite being such a lovely wife, is still beating his face out.”
ghazal۔ “David, it can’t be. What will people say?”
David “Ghazal baji, don’t care about people. I’ll take you somewhere. Where I ‘ll fuck you day and night.”
Ghazal spoke anxiously. “Dawood, what will happen to my children?”
David “Ghazal baji, children will be taken along. I don’t want to take your children away from you and I don’t want to take my child away from me.”

Saying this, Dawood put his hand on Ghazal’s stomach. Then an egg fell into Ghazal’s womb and many of Dawood’s sperms fell on that egg. This was a sign of multiple pregnancies.


After a while, Ghazal went to take a bath and Dawood also went to the washroom behind the ghazal. Ghazal no longer wanted intercourse. She wanted to be clean and she was afraid that Wasim would wake up or someone would come. But while stopping the ghazal, Dawood once again had fucked the ghazal in the washroom. This time he was not calling her ghazal baji but my ghajo.

When Wasim regained consciousness, he was lying on the dining table. Wasim had a bank check under the glass in front of him and an envelope with it. Wasim quickly picked up the check. It was a blank check in Wasim’s name that Dawood had left there. Wasim wondered to see blank check why Dawood did that. But when he opened the envelope, he understood. In this envelope was his and Ghazal’s divorce papers.

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