The housewife had intercourse when her husband was drunk

After a while, everything changed. Ghazal was drunk. Dawood and Ghazal were playing with each other like children. Ghazal joined Dawood like a little girl and started teasing Dawood’s beard. Dawood also started touching Ghazal’s body. Dawood started rubbing Ghazal’s arms and thighs. Ghazal would laugh shyly and remove Dawood’s hand.
Suddenly Ghazal stopped laughing and became sad. Her face withered like a flower. When Dawood asked, she began to tell. Wasim’s stupidity will get them into trouble. If David had not helped them, trouble would have befallen them. This was the opportunity David had been waiting for. The wine began to show its work.

Dawood kissed the ghazal’s round and juicy cheeks. Ghazal thought that Dawood was doing all this to console her. dawood was now touching Ghazal’s milky thighs. But now the ghazal was not condemning. Dawood stepped back a little and grabbed both the ghazal’s boobs from behind. Then the ghazal understood what Dawood wanted.


“David, what are you doing? Go back.”
But Waz grabbed Ghazal’s boobs.
dawood “ghazal baji, I have been crazy about you for a long time. These big boobs have driven me crazy. I have promised to give money to Wasim Bhai for you.”
ghazal۔ “Leave me alone. You bastard.”
dawood pressed Ghazal’s boobs hard.
Ghazal moaned. “Oh my gosh”

Dawood came to Ghazal’s ear and spoke. “Ghazal baji is not screaming. Otherwise Wasim bhai will wake up. If he wakes up, I will not be able to help you people.” Listening to Waz’s words, Ghazal realized in what condition she was trapped. What would he think if Wasim woke up to her noise? And if Dawood doesn’t help, how will they return Imran’s money?
Dawood tore ghazal’s new shirt. And pulled down her bra. Now the ghazal was only in shalwar. Ghazal quickly placed both her hands on both her boobs so that she could hide them from Dawood’s eyes. But the big breasts of the ghazal were about to be hidden by these small hands. Dawood forcibly removed Ghazal’s hands from her boobs.

Dawood was squeezing and tearing Ghazal’s boobs hard. Dawood grabbed both ghazal’s nipples and started stroking them. The big nipples of the ghazal were getting hard. Ghazal’s boobs began to produce milk. Ghazal’s daughter was two years old. But there was still a lot of milk in Ghazal’s big boobs. Ghazal used to feed this milk to her daughter or take it out and waste it. Dawood was shocked to see milk coming out of Ghazal’s boobs. he woke up hungry.

Dawood put the ghazal nipple in his mouth and started drinking ghazal milk. Ghazal wanted to remove Dawood’s mouth from her breasts. She would take her hand to David’s mouth, but he did not have the strength to remove it. Ghazal was sobbing and tormenting saying no. Dawood sometimes sucks one breast of ghazal, sometimes another. Finally, Dawood put the nipples of both the breasts of Ghazal in his mouth.

The ghazal spoke pleadingly. “David, please stop. Listen to me.”
David “yes ghazal baji”.
ghazal۔ “Dawood, have mercy on me. Leave me alone.”
Dawood “Ghazal Baji, have mercy on Wasim Bhai. You know what problem Wasim Bhai is in. I can get him out of this problem.”

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