The housewife had intercourse when her husband was drunk

Ghazal was forced. She did not want Wasim to be harmed. If Waz refuses, Waseem will have to go to jail or Imran harmed Waseem. Ghazal also wanted to free herself from Dawood’s grip without making any noise. She did not want Wasim to see her in that condition.
Dawood had been sucking Ghazal’s breast for the last five minutes. Dawood was amazed that even after sucking so much, milk was constantly coming from Ghazal’s breasts. Ghazal’s breasts were still heavy and full of milk. Dawood put one of his hands in the ghazal shalwar. Ghazal, which had been slow till now, once again tormented and grabbed Dawood’s hand. Ghazal was crying now and trying to stop Dawood. But David was not able to stop, he had been longing for this pussy for many years. Ghazal’s pussy was completely soaked. It was constantly flowing.
Dawood started rubbing Ghazal’s pussy with his finger lovingly. David’s fingers were wet. There was denial on Ghazal’s face. There were tears in his eyes. But vine had intoxicated her. And now dawood’s fingers were warming her. Ghazal understood that Dawood would not give money to Wasim without fuck her.

Dawood’s fingers were working on Ghazal’s pussy. Ghazal’s pussy was leaving a lot of cum.
ghazal۔ “Dawood, don’t do that. Shame on you, I’m your sister. ”
Dawood “Ghazal Baji, you are not my sister, you are a cousin and such a sexy cousin should not be left without tasting her pussy.”
ghazal. ” dawood don’t do that to me. i am no such type of girl.”
dawy “Ghazal Baji, you are right. I should not do this to you. I have never forced a girl. I will not touch you unless you want me to.”


Dawood took his hand out of the ghazal shalwar. But the ghazal was still in Dawood’s grasp. ” Dawood “But remember Ghazal Baji Wasim Bhai’s life is in your hands now.” Saying this, Dawood placed Ghazal’s hand on his cock. Ghazal wanted to free her hand from Dawood’s grip. Ghazal’s hand was on Dawood’s cock but Ghazal was avoiding holding it.
Dawood. “Ghazal Baji, if you say so, I will leave here. Then think what will happen. Imran is a very mean man, he will not leave Wasim bhai. You will not want Wasim bhai to be in lock-up and you and your The children are sad. ”

Ghazal was saddened to hear Dawood’s words. Ghazal started weeping thinking about Wasim going to jail and what was going to happen to her children. Tears began to flow from Ghazal’s big eyes.

Seeing the ghazal lost in thought like this, Dawood asked. Ghazal Baji, what did you think? ” Ghazal didn’t answer and made his grip on Dawood’s cock. This was the consent of the ghazal. Ghazal was ready to sacrifice for her husband. Dawood’s cock was as hard as an iron rod. Dawood’s cock was not being held in Ghazal’s hand. Ghazal had understood that Dawood’s cock was no ordinary cock.
The ghazal was compelling but the intoxication of alcohol was also affecting the ghazal. As soon as he felt the heat of Dawood’s cock, Ghazal’s pussy was getting out of control. Ghazal’s pussy had only encountered Wasim’s penis in his life. Wasim’s penis is a normal medium sized penis. That was enough for an innocent housewife like Ghazal. But Wasim had an affair with another woman and she was none other than Imran’s elder sister Fareeha. Wasim often had intercourse with Fareeha and Ghazal and her pussy longed for Wasim’s love for many weeks. Wasim had not had intercourse with Ghazal for the last two or three months. Ghazal’s pussy feels the warmth and hardness of Dawood’s cock and got wet once again.

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