The housewife had intercourse when her husband was drunk

Ghazal’s pussy was aching. She wanted to go with David’s cock. But Ghazal’s conscience could not allow it. Ghazal’s eyes fell on her husband who was lying unconscious on the table. Wasim was unfaithful but Ghazal could not be unfaithful to him. Ghazal quickly removed his hand from Dawood’s cock.

ghazal۔ “No, Dawood, I can’t do that. Please have mercy on me. I’m your cousin. Remember childhood, we played in the same house like brother and sister. Take care of some relationships.”
dawood recited the ghazal in a loving tone. “Ghazal Baji, you just want me to leave you. Well, I will not do anything like that to you. But you think to yourself, I am giving so much money to Wasim Bhai. What is my interest in this. What is it for? I have always been crazy about you. I have staked millions of rupees to get you and you are still faithful to this unfaithful man. You know Wasim Bhai and Fareeha have an affair.
ghazal “Yes, Dawood, I know. But I’m not unfaithful. How can I tarnish my character?”
Dawood. “I love you ghazal baji. I will give money to Wasim bhai only for you. Ghazal baji, drunkenness and your beauty has made me lustful. ”


Listening to Dawood’s words, sympathy for Dawood was created in the heart of Ghazal.
ghazal. “Dawood, tell me what I can do. But remember, I will not betray Wasim.” David “It’s okay Ghazal baji. I don’t have sex with you. But my cock is bursting with erection. You just suck it and Ejaculate it.”
ghazal۔ “Well, Dawood i well suck it, but don’t go any further.
Dawood “Okay, I promise in ghazal baji.”
Dawood stood up and Ghazal sat down in front of him. Ghazal could see heavy stuff in Dawood’s underwear. David “Let’s start ghazal baji. Take off my underwear.”

As Ghazal was taking off his underwear, she was realizing that a monster was coming in front of her. When all the underwear came off and Dawood’s horrible cock was in front of the ghazal. Ghazal couldn’t believe it. Ghazal’s eyes opened with surprise. David’s cock was one foot long. If Wasim has four penises, then one such cock will be formed. The veins of blood on David’s cock were making him even more horrible. Frightened, Ghazal grabbed Dawood’s cock with his hand. David’s cock was very hard and hot. Its four inches thick could tear any pussy.
Ghazal asked in fear. “what’s this”

Dawood “Ghazal baji is the real man’s cock. Let’s suck it now.” Ghazal was hesitant but she still put her lips on Dawood’s cock.
Ghazal was moving her tongue on Dawood’s cock. The ghazal would start its tongue from the root of Dawood’s cock and reach to his head. After a while, she started licking the head of David’s cock. Ghazal was licking the cock like ice cream. Ghazal licked Dawood’s cock and looked into Dawood’s eyes, dawood was having a lot of lust. Dawood was also watching the ghazal.
Dawood “Ghazal Baji, you are so beautiful.” Ghazal was ashamed to hear her praise from Dawood’s mouth.
Ghazal once asked Dawood. “Dawood, you will give money to Wasim.”
David “Why not ghazal baji but put my cock in your mouth. Suck it.”

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