The housewife had intercourse when her husband was drunk

David “But my cock is still hard and standing.
Dawood sat close to Ghazal’s back. Dawood. “I want to love you more in ghazal baji. I want to play with this beautiful body.”
Dawood started kissing Ghazal on the back.
Ghazal spoke in shock. “No, that’s it. Wasim came to wake up.”
David “Ghazal baji Wasim Bhai is unconscious. He will not wake up till morning.”
The ghazal was warming up again with Dawood’s kiss. Her pussy was getting wet.
Ghazal spoke softly. “Not in front of Wasim here.”

Hearing this, Dawood put his hand on both the thighs of the ghazal from behind and lifted the ghazal like a doll. While Dawood was doing this, a scream came out of Ghazal’s mouth. Ghazal had sensed Dawood’s intention and she knew what Dawood’s next target would be.
ghazal۔ “Leave me Dawood. Take me down.”
Dawood “How can I leave you. I’ve been waiting for that time. Today I will tell you ghazzal baji what love is and how to fuck a sexy lady like you.”
Dawood picked up the ghazal and started walking towards the room.


Wasim was lying unconscious outside and his wife Ghazal was going to his bedroom with a naked man.
Shortly afterwards, Ghazala’s groans were heard in Ghazal and Wasim’s bedroom. Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. Dawood had laid the ghazal on the bed. Ghazal’s shalwar was off. Now the ghazal was all naked and Dawood was holding the thick and juicy thighs of the ghazal in his arms. Dawood was sitting between the her legs and lifted the ghazal’s hips to his mouth. Dawood’s face was hidden in the thick and white thighs of ghazal. Dawood’s lips were on Ghazal’s pussy. Dawood was rubbing his tongue inside and outside Ghazal’s pussy. Wasim had not licked Ghazal’s vagina till today. Ghazal was enjoying licking a man for the first time in her life. This was Dawood’s first experience of licking a girl’s vagina like this.

Dawood liked Ghazal’s vaginal taste and aroma very much. But Ghazal was very ashamed. The ghazal was more enjoyable than the extreme, but the ghazal was forbidding Dawood. Ghazal spoke while controlling himself. “David, please stop, I’m ashamed.”
Ghazal hid her face in her hands in shame but Ghazal’s vagina was about to ejaculate. Suddenly a flood of cum came out of the ghazal’ pussy and started falling on Dawood.

Now the ghazal’s thighs was in Dawood’s hands and ghazal’s legs were on Dawood’s shoulders. Ghazal could see Dawood’s black and ugly cock standing between her white thighs and right in front of her pussy, like a tower.
Dawood. “Ghazal baji, your pussy is completely wet and has left a lot of cum. Now I hope my cock will go into it.”
Ghazal spoke in surprise. “No, Dawood, it won’t go in. Your cock is too big. How will it go in my little pussy?”
Dawood. “Relax ghazal baji. I give you my cock. You can put it inside and see. ”
dawood began rubbing the tip of his cock against Ghazal’s pussy’ lips.

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