The housewife had intercourse when her husband was drunk

Ghazal grabbed Dawood’s cock by the hand, set it according to her pussy and sat on it.
ghazal۔ “Dawood, you just wanted me to be your mistress. Now you’re happy.”
Dawood. “Ghazal baji you are very innocent. I want to treat you like a queen, not a mistress.”
The ghazal now began to move on Dawood’s cock. Dawood had opened the mouth of Ghazal’s uterus with the strokes of his cock. Now Dawood’s cock was straight in Ghazal’s womb. The ghazal was slowly gaining momentum. The giant boobs of the ghazal and the big and pink nipples on it were in front of Dawood’s eyes. Dawood grabbed both the boobs of the ghazal and started rubbing them. Milk came out of Ghazal’s boobs and started falling on Dawood. Dawood lifted his head and shoulders from the bed and started drinking ghazal milk. Ghazala was the best girl

Dawood had ever had fuck with. Big boobs and small pussy were the perfect combination.
The ghazal was moving on Dawood’s cock for fifteen minutes. The ghazal was tired and he was about to cum again. Ghazal was facing the third cum. As soon as the ejaculation came, the ghazal fell on Dawood.
ghazal۔ “David, just do it. I’m not doing anymore.”


Dawood got up and took Ghazal in his lap and sat down. Ghazal’s breasts were attached to his chest. Both legs were straight at the opposite summit. Holding the waist of the ghazal, he began to lower the ghazal above and below his cock.
David “Ghazala baji you are a wonderful thing. You are more delicious than I thought.”
Dawood had fuck with ghazal for some time. But there was no rhythm and speed in this style. Dawood grabbed Ghazal by the hips and stood on the floor. But he did not let his cock come out of Ghazal’s pussy. Now Dawood was standing up and picking up the ghazal. Ghazal was having sex with Dawood like a helpless doll. Ghazal was just sobbing and moaning loudly. The door to the room was open. Ghazal was afraid that Wasim would wake up when he heard her moans and sobs.
ghazal۔ “David, stop now. Wasim will be awake. Now leave me.”
David “Ghazal baji don’t worry. Wasim bhai will not know anything. He has drunk so much that he will not regain consciousness till morning.”

After saying this, Dawood started sucking the milk of Ghazal’s breasts again.
ghazal۔ “Dawood, do you like my boobs?”
Dawood “I’ve never seen such big and beautiful boobs in my life. You’re so beautiful that I fell in love with you. Do you love me too?”
Ghazal did not respond to Dawood’s words and turned his face away. Dawood understood that Ghazal does not love him but hates him.
Dawood. “Ghazal baji, you should hate me as much as you can, but I love you.”
Saying this, Dawood accelerated the pace of cock movement in Ghazal’s pussy. The ghazal began to bounce with the rhythm of intercourse. Ghazal started moaning and screaming again.
There was a bench in front of the dressing table in the room. Dawood laid the ghazal on the bench. Dawood lifted Ghazal’s both legs and climbed up. Dawood had decided that he would give ghazal so much fuck that ghazal that hatred would turn into love.
Dawood “Get ready, Ghazala Baji”.
ghazal۔ “For what”.
David “For the passionate journey of intercourse.”

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