Watching Him Fuck Our Daughter (True story)

Watching Him Fuck Our Daughter, A true story,

I guess by letting my sexual urges just go, little by little they made my sexual desires grow. I liked this a lot. It was so intensely exciting, it makes me wet, just talking about it. Jamie got the benefit of a 24/7 hot and horny girlfriend, and I was constantly made hot by what was happening.


I should explain that Tina had always crawled in bed between us in the mornings, for years now. We thought this was cute and let her. Now she was still doing it.

She had full tits, a hot figure, smooth legs and she wore nothing under her nightgown. I watched her snuggle up to Jamie, and he always put his arms around her. They kissed and rubbed each other. It was like she was practicing for a boyfriend on Jamie. Watching them do this each morning was no longer a hug and snuggle, they were started to make out a little sexually.

It was slowly making me hot. It was like watching a live feel up show right in front of me. I found myself slipping my finger in my panties and rubbing my pussy secretly. Watching them was really turning me on.
I started to fantasize about them going further with their feeling of each other. I pictured him feeling her nice tits and her feeling his boner. I wondered what little things may be going on under those covers even now.
I found out one morning.
While they were ’mushing’, they called it, I reached over her under the covers and found her hand on his boner. She quick jerked it back, but I grabbed her hand and put it back on his boner. She paused as I heard her sudden heavy breathing and felt her trembling hand. I kept my hand on top of hers and guided it back to stroke him. She relaxed and started back stroking him.

I removed my hand and she continued. Jamie winked at me and we smiled at each other. That was the first sexual contact she made with him (that I knew about). All this got me hot and I felt my pussy getting very wet between my legs. Now I put both my hands on my pussy, fingering with one hand, massaging my clit with the other. I guess every woman has those things that turn them on. This was mine.
Watching them, feeling the bed and covers move, hearing their little moans and knowing their hands were feeling each other up was over the top for me. I orgasmed several times, right beside them!
It was the hottest turn on I’d ever had.

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I ask Jamie later how it was effecting him.

“It just sort of happened slowly. Her body felt so good against mine I couldn’t help but start getting hardon’s. When she felt them against her body she slowly let her hand rub against them. I just let it happen. She carefully guided my hand to her tits and moved it all around them. Today was the first time she felt my hardon directly. We can cut this off if…” I interrupted and said: “Don’t you dare. Let her do what she wants to and you and I will get turned on as a benefit like no other. This is keeping me horny all the time, and I know it does you too. Just let it happen dear….let it happen. She‘ll find a guy that satisfies her and end up having what we have, and that‘s what we both want. ”

Jamie said they could feel me rubbing my pussy and hear my breathing. It made them hotter than they had ever been. I was turning them on.
I had wondered what Tina thought about all this. Later we had a private talk and she told me everything, now that I wasn’t upset about it, but in fact,…I liked it.
She told me:
“I think I have the best mom and dad in the world. Daddy makes me so happy when he rubs me I get sex tingles. It was very tense when you were right next to us, while I did a little touching on him. I felt panic when you found my hand on his cock….but no…you put it back and all went peaceful within me. Please let me keep doing it mom, I’m getting desires I didn’t know I had.”

I told her to keep right on with it, and to let those desires just flow out. Someday she’d find her own guy and be happy. In the mean time,

we’ll share daddy…..

She got this little smile on her face and whispered: (“Mom, you and dad have such hot sex after I leave, I‘ve listened at your door. I have to masturbate right then, just standing there. I want to have sex with my dad so bad now. Could you….well…maybe talk to my dad….and…a…well….you can watch us, I know you’d like that.”)
I whispered: (“..just let it happen..”)

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The thought of Jamie and her having sex with me watching,….? It sent the biggest shot of warm pussy juice in my pussy I had ever had.

I didn’t say anything to Jamie right away about her wanting to have sex with him. I think he already knew it, and I also knew he would love to have sex with her. I had a wet pussy all day. I went over and over in my mind on how to make this happen. I got a plan.
That night I started in on Jamie and got him all hot. I took my time sucking his cock. He got tuned on licking my extra wet pussy. I turned and got on top of him, stuck his cock in pussy and leaned over and whispered. (“…I want to watch you and Tina having sex real bad. Would you like that too?”) He grinned, and whispered two words:
(“….silly question…”)
We turned all the lights and had the most intense sex, we’d ever had then. He called me ‘Tina’ and I called him ‘Daddy’ and we fucked so hard, I think our moaning must have woke the whole neighborhood.

Tina had stayed at her boyfriends that night.
That Saturday morning, here she came in a robe. She crawled in bed between us as usual. She got under the covers and then took the robe completely off, pulled it out and on the floor it went. I just knew she was completely naked. No bra, no panties.
She was.
Jamie slept naked, so now they both were naked. My hands headed for my pussy to enjoy this.
*What I didn’t know was that Jamie and Tina had a private talk of their own, when I was gone shopping.
Tina’s thoughts:

‘Mom was so cool to let this happen and to just be thrilled by it, I talked to dad. He is so sexy to me, I had the jitters in my stomach all day. Tomorrow morning it was going to happen. I said how cool mom was, and we should make it special for her. He agreed and we both wanted to give her the most ultimate sexual thrill she’d ever had. We made our plans.

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My pussy was so wet standing there with dad and he couldn’t hide his boner. I had to hug him tight. Our hands just started going crazy feeling us. I could have fucked him right there on the living room floor. It was hard not to. I felt his boner over and over as his fingers slipped down my shorts and inside my panties. Oh god I wanted him so bad, but we owed it to mom to let her watch us. I wanted to suck his cock right then, but I only imagined what it would be like.

His big warm hand went up my blouse, under my bra and felt my tits, I thought my nipples would burst. I squeezed his boner over and over, I kind of felt faint and dizzy. He grabbed my butt cheeks and drove his boner into my pussy hard, then turned me around. He swatted me on the butt and gently pushed me away. I felt an orgasm jolt in my pussy. I shivered and walked away with a soaking wet pussy.’
I watched Tina snuggle up to Jamie and the movement under those covers told me hand and legs were going crazy. Their little moans made me tingle just hearing them, I saw Tina’s head disappear down the covers and watched her head bob up and down under the covers. I watch Jamie’s face twist in delight as he gasp for air. My fingers were sopping wet from my pussy.

My clit was so sensitive I could hardly rub it. I watched Tina’s hand come out as she moved up on Jamie. They started kissing with tongues darting all around as she lay naked on top of him. I was so close I could feel the heat from their body’s. They whispered something, and Tina started pushing down the covers with her feet. My pussy jumped as I feasted my eyes on their naked body’s. His boner was sticking up between her legs. She was moving her hips up down on it.

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